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Order Management and Flows in Contact FormUpdated 2 months ago

If you're a Gorgias Automate subscriber, you'll have the option to enable the Order Management and Flows on your standalone Contact Form. That way you can deflect some of tickets and enable your customers to self-serve.

If the shoppers couldn't find the answer, they can still reach out to you by clicking on the Contact us button.

If your Contact Form isn't hidden behind the Contact us button, make sure you disable the Expand Contact Form option.


1. Pick any existing standalone Contact Form in Gorgias or create a new one by navigating to Settings -> Channels -> Contact Form.

2. Click on Go To Automation Settings in the top right.

3. Toggle Flows and/or Order Management on to enable it on your Contact Form.

Expand Contact form

If you would like to make the Contact form visible below the Flows and Order Management section, simply enable Expand Contact Form option in Settings -> Channels -> Contact Form -> your contact form -> Customization.

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