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Order statuses and possible shopper actionsUpdated a month ago

This guide will cover all currently supported shipment statuses in our Order Management portal feature and actions accessible by shoppers depending on the presented status.

Here's an example of where the shipment status will be visible on the portal interface:

Shipment Statuses

Gorgias integrates with various e-commerce platforms and, to support the same functionalities, we've defined Gorgias' order and shipment statuses that map to them.

Below is the exhaustive list of supported statuses and their descriptions:

Gorgias Order StatusStatus Description
UnfulfilledOrder is unfulfilled and fulfillment is pending.
Processing FulfillmentOrder fulfillment has been acknowledged by the service and is in processing.
Pending DeliveryOrder fulfillment hasn't been shipped yet, a label for the shipping is being purchased and printed.
Attempted DeliveryOrder shipment delivery was attempted, but unable to be completed.
Ready for PickupOrder shipment is ready for pickup at a shipping depot or pick-up location.
In TransitOrder shipment is being transported by the carrier to its final destination.
Out for DeliveryOrder shipment is being delivered to its final destination.
DeliveredOrder shipment was successfully delivered to its final destination.
Failed DeliverySomething went wrong, the tracking number was invalid or the shipment was canceled.
Status unavailable (blank)/
CancelledOrder fulfillment was canceled.
Failed FulfillmentOrder fulfillment failed or there was an error with the order fulfillment request.
Partially RefundedOrder payments have been partially refunded.
RefundedOrder payments have been refunded.

Mapping Shopify

Each Shopify status indicator has its parallel within the Gorgias Order Management portal and the table below shows which Shopify status corresponds to which Gorgias status. 

When it comes to Shopify, there are several types of statuses - Order Statuses and Order Fulfillment Statuses

In the table below, the Shopify statuses correspond to order fulfillment statuses:

  • Shopify Fulfillment Status: Fulfillment Status in fulfillment object → fulfillment.status
  • Shopify Shipping Status: Shipment Status in fulfillment object → fulfillment.shipment_status
Shopify Fulfillment StatusShopify Shipping StatusGorgias Order Status
no fulfillment object/Unfulfilled
open/Processing Fulfillment
label_printedPending Delivery
label_purchasedPending Delivery
Attempted Delivery
ready_for_pickupReady for Pickup
confirmedIn Transit
in_transitIn Transit
out_for_deliveryOut for Delivery
failureFailed Delivery
nullStatus unavailable (blank)
error/Failed Fulfillment
failure/Failed Fulfillment
/Status unavailable (blank)
//Partially Refunded

For Shipment Status Unavailable and Status Unavailable, the portal simply won't show any indicator - the field will be blank.

Actions Availability

Depending on the order shipment status, your customers will be able to take certain actions using the Order Management portal, such as track, cancel, or return an order, as well as report an issue about their order.

By default, Gorgias provides a baseline set of rules about which actions are displayed depending on the shipment's status. On the Order Management page, you can set up additional configurations about the actions themselves and/or conditions about when to make them available or not. 

For instance, you might want to set an eligibility period for order returns that match your company's return policy. 

Order Management comes with the following preset conditions:

Gorgias Order StatusCustomer Actions

TrackCancelReturnReport Issue
Processing Fulfillmentxx
Pending Deliveryxx
Attempted Deliveryx

Ready for Pickupx

In Transitx

Out for Deliveryx

Failed Deliveryx

Status unavailable (blank)x

Failed Fulfillmentx

Partially Refunded



For example, if the status says Pending Delivery, the customer will be able to track that order, cancel it, or report an issue with it. However, they can only try to return the order if it's been Delivered.

When the customer requests a cancellation or a return, the action won't be automatically executed. Using Rules, you can Tag these kinds of requests and prioritize them, and even set up an auto-response that will let your customers know their request is being reviewed.
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