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Other Email ProvidersUpdated 3 months ago

When integrating an email address into Gorgias via forwarding, your Spam emails won't be imported into Gorgias.

This guide will help you integrate an email address hosted by a different provider than Gmail, Outlook/Microsoft, Zoho, or GoDaddy.

If you have access to the email account you want to integrate and an Admin role in Gorgias, you can set up an Email integration with Gorgias from any provider that allows third-party forwarding.

There are 3 steps to do this:

  • Setting up the Email integration in Gorgias.
  • Setting up server-side forwarding with your provider.
  • Verifying the forwarding loop.
After you set up your forwarding integration, you'll be prompted to verify your domain by entering the SPF & DKIM values into your DNS records to ensure maximum deliverability of your emails.


Set up the Email integration in Gorgias

1. Navigate to Settings -> Channels -> Email.

2. Click on Connect Other Email Address.

3. Enter your Address name and Email address.

4. Click on Connect This Email Account.

5. Copy your default Gorgias email (it'll look like a long email with a bunch of numbers and letters).

Use the long Gorgias email address for setting up forwarding, not to reach out to your customers in tickets as it might be recognized as spam - we highly encourage you to send emails from your own domain as it strengthens your brand and provides a good customer experience for your shoppers.

Set up forwarding with the email provider

Most providers will have instructions for this in their own help center since it differs from provider to provider.

Use the default Gorgias email from the previous step as the forwarding recipient.

Verify the forwarding loop

1. Navigate to Settings -> Channels -> Email -> your new Email integration.

2. Click Verify Email Forwarding (it can take up to 30 seconds - refresh the page if needed).

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