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Satisfaction (CSAT)Updated 3 months ago

Another useful addition to Statistics is the Customer Satisfaction Survey and using it will give you great insight into how your agents are responding to inquiries and what exactly needs to get better. Feel free to grab more details here.

In the Satisfaction settings of Statistics, you will find metrics that show you how many surveys were sent out over the specified time period, the percentage of how many were responded to, the average rating, and the rating distribution. You will also see percentages about how all of this changed in comparison to a previous date set. You can hover over the percentage to see the delta it is being compared against.

Below these data sets you will see a list of all of the Satisfaction Surveys that received a response. If the customer left a comment on the response you will see that as a clickable link under the 'Comment' column. If they did not leave a response there will be a link to the ticket. To see a breakdown per agent, simply navigate back up to the Agent section of Statistics.

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