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Legacy reports

Reports that still rely on the old analytics system.

Legacy Overview

This report is available only to subscribers who began using Gorgias before August 2023. They will retain access to the legacy Overview until June 2024, after which it will be deprecated. In the Overview section, you'll see a graph for:. You can also


The Tags section in Statistics will show you how many tickets were created during a specific time period that have a certain Tag attached to them. You can also use the filters on the top right to change the time period and select specific channels, a


When you want to get a clear overview of your ticket volume based on the different communication channels such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram Comments, Email, Chat, etc., this is the section you will want to dive into. You'll also have links to the

Satisfaction (CSAT)

Using the Customer Satisfaction Survey will give you great insight into how your agents are responding to inquiries and what exactly needs to improve. You can see how many surveys were sent out over a specified time period, how many were responded to