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Other ticket management featuresUpdated 4 months ago

Now that you know how to create and reply to tickets, here are some other helpdesk features that will help you improve your daily ticket-handling workflow.

How it works

Within any Gorgias ticket, you can choose to:

  • Snooze the ticket
  • Merge ticket
  • Mark as unread
  • Display all ticket events (logs)
  • Print ticket
  • Mark as spam
  • Delete the ticket

*Note: Please keep in mind that we personally would never advise deleting tickets. Who knows, you may need it for future reference!

Setup instructions

Snooze a ticket

Besides 'open' and 'closed', tickets can be snoozed as well. This feature is used when you are expecting a response from your customer, or a different department etc. Another example would be if you need to follow up with your customer or another team. However, it's hard to remember which of the closed tickets you should do it with - and you also don't want to keep those tickets open cluttering your queue.

This is why we implemented the snooze option. Here's how it works.

Snoozing a ticket will close it and then re-open it if:

  • The snooze delay ends.
  • The customer replies before the snooze delay ends.
  • An agent re-opens it manually.

Here's how to snooze a ticket:

1. Click on the three little dots in the upper-right corner of the ticket to open a drop-down menu. From there, select 'Snooze':

2. From there, simply pick a time when you want the ticket to reopen and hit 'Apply':

When you click 'Apply' you will automatically be on the next ticket. Once snoozed, the ticket status will be set to closed. This will remove the ticket from your Open view so that you can focus your attention elsewhere until the time frame has ended.

You can also use rules to set up auto-snooze! Check out the video tutorial below on how it works:

Furthermore, you can set up rules that will trigger once the snooze ends and the ticket reopens:

You can even create a separate view that will contain snoozed tickets only. Have a look at the example below:

Merge tickets

Ever had a customer open up two tickets about the same issue? Or, you may have a conversation with the same customer spanning over two different tickets? You can merge those into a single ticket and make keeping up with the conversation flow easier! Here's how:

  1. Go into one of the tickets you want to merge.
  2. On the top-right corner, click on the menu button (three vertical dots):

3. Select 'Merge ticket':

  • Search for the ticket you want to merge this ticket with, and then click on it:

  • Select the fields you want to keep on the final ticket:
    - The only fields you will be prompted to choose from are 'Subject', 'Assignee' and 'Customer'.
    - We will only prompt you to choose if the fields are different on each ticket. If they are the same, we will automatically keep the same value.
    If there is no field to choose from, it means we will be able to compute all values automatically, thus you can go ahead and merge the tickets.

4. Click on 'Merge tickets', and confirm.

Done! The tickets are merged!

*Note: As of now, it is also possible to merge Messenger tickets!
*Note: Aircall tickets can also be merged with email tickets.
*Note: Email tickets can be merged with any other ticket channel, but also, two email tickets from different customers can be merged.
However, when it comes to chat, both chat tickets you wish to merge need to be from the same customer.

Display ticket events

If you're not sure how some tickets got closed/opened or which exact rule triggered on them, you can check that real quick while inside the ticket!

All you need to do is click on three dots in the top right corner of the ticket and select 'Display all events':

After that, all the actions will be displayed by the time in which they happened and also which user has performed them:

  • Ticket status, or who created, closed, reopened, snoozed the ticket.
  • Ticket assignment, or when and how the ticket was assigned or unassigned.
  • Rules, or which rules were triggered on the ticket and when.
  • Tags, which were placed and by which user.
  • If the ticket was merged.
  • Which customer was set on the ticket and when.
  • If the ticket subject was changed.

Here's an example of how the logs can look like in a ticket:

You can also click on the rule that was executed and the specific rule will be shown in the new tab from your SettingsRules page!

Other ticket options

  • Mark as read / unread
    This feature works similarly to the option in your mailbox. It helps you keep track of the tickets that you handled or you're yet to handle. For example, if you accidentally opened a ticket, but you want to go back to it to handle it later, you can mark it as unread and it'll be as if you never opened it.
  • Print ticket
    Clicking 'Print ticket' will redirect you to a new page in a new tab.It may happen that the ad-blocker or your browser will block the new tab, please keep in mind! In order to use this functionality, please allow pop-ups for gorgias.com on Chrome or on your Safari browser
  • Mark as spam
    It will move the ticket in question to your Spam view in Gorgias. If the sender gets back to you on that same thread after you chose this option, you won't be notified about their new messages and the ticket won't reopen either. However, if they contact you on a new ticket, it'll appear as any other ticket in your Gorgias views. Adding the "spam" tag to your ticket will not mark it as spam.
  • Delete
    This is the last option in the ticket menu. Please note that if you delete a ticket it will be moved to the Trash view and will remain there even if the sender responds. If you permanently delete the ticket from the Trash view and the customer responds it will create a new ticket that will not contain the previous conversation thread.


  • Once the tickets are merged, the change cannot be undone. Also, the statistics for the tickets that are merged into the final ticket will be lost, because these tickets are deleted.
  • Instagram tickets can not be merged just yet.
  • Tickets that have only internal notes, cannot be merged either.
  • Help Center tickets cannot be merged either at this time (even from the same customer). They can't be merged with other channels nor with other Help Center tickets.
  • Currently, chat contact form tickets can't be merged with voice tickets
  • Certain ticket events will be lost on ticket merge. For example: Tag/Untag events on deleted tickets.

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