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Statistics for Quick ResponsesUpdated a month ago

Customer interactions with Quick Responses are tracked and can be viewed in Statistics under Automate -> Overview -> Automated interactions by feature or Automate -> Performance by feature -> Quick Responses performance


By selecting Quick Responses at the bottom of the chart, you can see their impact depending on the timeframe you set in the top right of the page - mouse over the peaks of the line to see the exact number of Quick Response interactions.

Performance by feature

Here you'll see a breakdown by Quick Response.

  • Quick Response - The Quick Response in question.
  • Automation rate - The percentage of total interactions solved by Automate features.
  • Automated by Quick Response - The number of interactions that were resolved without agent intervention (the customer clicked Yes, thank you when asked if the response was helpful).
  • Served by an agent after Quick Response - The number of resolved interactions that required agent intervention (the customer clicked No, I need more help when asked if the response was helpful).
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