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Ticket customerUpdated 5 months ago

The ticket customer is the person who reached out and opened a support ticket with you to ask a question or get some assistance with an issue.

In Gorgias, whenever one of your customers opens a ticket with you, our system will automatically match the customer profile to the ticket. This way you'll know exactly who you're talking to and, using the details in the sidebar, you'll also be able to see their order history - all we need is their email address.

However, sometimes your customer doesn't provide their email address. In that case, Gorgias doesn't know who exactly the person reaching out is, so no customer is connected to the ticket.

In these cases, you can choose the customer manually using the sidebar search and set them as the ticket's customer if you recognize them later.

We don't recommend setting customers when they're having a Chat conversation because it creates new tickets and the conversation is split - instead, you can merge the customer.

Once you have the customer set up, the menu below their name in the upper right corner of the ticket will show you the customer notes, their email address, their location, and the local time

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