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Toll-free VerificationUpdated 2 months ago

Our phone provider - Twilio - mandates that all US-bound messages sent by toll-free SMS numbers are allowed only if they've passed the Toll-Free verification process. 

This information is then used to help identify the end business sending messages and ensure that they have proper measures in place to send compliant traffic.

If you're the owner of a toll-free US-based SMS number in Gorgias or use a Gorgias toll-free number to communicate with US-based customers, you're required to complete this registration as soon as possible as US carriers will reject SMS messages sent by unregistered numbers - you'll still receive all inbound messages, but won't be able to reply.

Register your number

You can check out the registration best practices by Twilio, but all necessary charges and registration fees will be covered by Gorgias. 

If you don't use SMS, you don't have to register when using the Voice integration - it won't affect your phone calls. If you plan to use SMS in the future, you can submit the registration form right away so you can be ready to go when you decide to start.

In case you have a US or Canadian number that's not toll-free, you most likely have a 10-digit number that requires A2P 10DLC registration for undisturbed SMS communication. 

The data that'll be collected

Business name 

What you have listed as your brand (e.g. John's Coffee Shop).

Corporate website

The website of your business that your customers are engaging with. It can include social media links (Facebook, Instagram, X, etc.) if you don't have a traditional website (like http://johnscoffeeshop.com/).

Business address

Your physical address (like 1234 Main Street, San Francisco, 94105 CA).

Contact person

The first and last name, email address, and phone number of the contact on your end. The email address will be included in communication with our service provider so you can be directly informed of the verification process (like John Smith, [email protected]).

Expected message volume

Estimated monthly volume for the submission. Choose the closest value and, if ramping up, use the value of where you expect to be in 6 months.

Phone numbers to be verified

A single US business can register up to 5 numbers for verification with no additional steps. If you want to register more than 5 numbers, additional information on why you need more than 5 numbers is required. Approval is subject to Twilio's discretion. 

Listing different addresses will indicate different locations - including the location name in the business name with each location's physical address is acceptable. 

Alternatively, an explanation can be provided in the additional supporting documentation field - multiple recruiters/agents for each phone number, for example.

Use case category

Choose the use case that you believe best fits what you're using the toll-free number for.

Use case summary

Give a detailed explanation of what you're using the number for. Don't use just a single word (like Marketing) - the more details, the better.

For example, "This number is used to send out promotional offers and coupons to the customers of John’s Coffee Shop.".

Sample message content

This should be a sample message of the content that you'll be sending via SMS through your toll-free number. It should match the use case provided, and you should include your brand name as well.

For example, "Thank you for being a loyal customer of John’s Coffee Shop. Enjoy 10% off your next purchase. Reply STOP to opt-out."

Opt-in workflow description

Provide how a customer/subscriber opts into this submission in detail. The opt-in submitted should be what the mobile user sees when providing their phone number: online/app (URL, screenshot/webpage), see in store (Keyword, signage), hears (IVR script/verbiage) - the more details, the better.

This should be the description only, any images should be added in the next section: Opt-in Image URLs.

For example, "Keyword Coffee. The keyword is found on a sign at the register of John’s Coffee Shop where customers can see the keyword and text into the Toll-Free Number. Once the customer texts the keyword, they are provided a double opt-in where they are asked to Reply Y to confirm they would like to receive promotional SMS."

Opt-in workflow supporting images

Provide images of the opt-in process and what the subscriber is agreeing to. This should be where the customer’s phone number was entered by the customer agreeing to receive the SMS, as consent is one of the cornerstones of A2P messaging.

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