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Video in Gorgias ChatUpdated a month ago

Gorgias Chat supports embedding videos at the end of Chat messages and Campaigns. The customer will be able to play the video directly in the Chat widget or from the campaign bubble with one click (autoplay isn't currently available).

If you insert a video using the hyperlink feature it will also generate a preview, but you can choose to delete it which won't affect the hyperlink in the text. 

Supported video providers

If the video link isn't from one of our supported providers, it will fall back to a hyperlink.


Embedded videos can't be sent by themselves, you need to add some text.

1. In a Chat ticket or while editing a Campaign, click the Insert video button in the toolbar.2. Enter a valid URL of one of our supported third-party video providers and click on Insert Video - the embedded video will be visible to the customer in the Chat and the helpdesk ticket messages to the agents.

Embedded videos aren't available in Macro and subsequent actions.
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