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Gorgias Chat - CampaignsUpdated 6 days ago

Chat campaigns, sometimes referred to as 'proactive chat', are a great way to engage customers on your website and can help increase conversions as well!

Setup instructions

You can create chat campaigns by going to SettingsChannelsChatThe wanted chat integrationCampaigns.

Use the "Current URL" and "Time spent on page" filters to determine what page(s) each campaign pops up on and when you want it to appear. You can also choose the message of the campaign and if you want that message to look like it was sent by a certain agent.

Current URL condition takes into account anything that is behind the domain. If you want the campaign to appear on any domain page, you should use just forward slash (/).

*Important note:

- If the operator is "Current URL is" and the value is "/" the campaign will only display on the homepage

- If the operator is "Current URL starts with" and the value is "/" the campaign will display on all pages

You can also modify the text in your campaign with rich text formatting and embedded hyperlinks, as well as add inline images and emojis. Feel free to get creative! You can read about this in more detail here as well.

Create multiple campaigns geared towards your customers' needs and drive traffic to other products on your site. This is a great opportunity to cross-sell and increase your AOV.

Our newest update also allows you to simply create a copy of an existing Chat campaign with a click of a mouse!

Just keep in mind, if the original campaign message contains a link, the link will be removed in the duplicated campaign message (to avoid link tracking issues).

When your customers reply to your chat campaigns, the response will open a new ticket that will contain your campaign as the first message in the ticket. It'll look something like this:

*Note: Please keep in mind that a chat campaign ticket will be a billable ticket, even if an agent or a rule did not reply. The Campaign text itself is counted as Agent response within the ticket.

This is super-useful when you want to set up rules for your chat campaigns! For example, if you want to add a specific tag to the ticket based on which campaign the customer replied to, you can set up the rule based on the message body (since you'll always know the body of your campaign).

Tagging chat campaigns

If you'd like to keep track of your chat campaigns and see how efficient they are, we recommend setting up an auto-tag rule for them. This rule would read the message included in your chat campaign and tag the ticket based on it. Here is an example that you can follow:


Please note that chat campaigns will not trigger:

  • If the live chat is turned off
  • Once your customer closes them or interacts with them once (unless the customer uses a different browser or incognito mode or clears their cache and cookies).
  • Once your customer opens the chat (it will cancel campaigns for this session, but won't hide them forever: if they refresh the page, they will have chances to be displayed again, until they get closed or interacted with)(this is especially true for campaigns which display after the customer has spent a certain amount of time on the page: if your customer opened the chat before this amount of time, the campaign won't display until they refresh the page and wait the specified amount of time without opening the chat widget)

Our chat campaigns can trigger based on the URL+UTMs as well, not just URL!

You can check some ideas and examples of chat campaigns, here🙌 


Does a campaign that does not receive a response from a customer count as a ticket?

No. Chat campaigns are only considered as tickets once customer replies to the pop-up message

Can I remove 'Powered by Gorgias' branding from my chat campaign?

You can remove the 'Powered by Gorgias' branding in the chat chat by adding this script to your webpage, before the script of the Gorgias chat:

1<script>var HIDE_POWERED_BY_GORGIAS = true;</script>

Please bear in mind this will remove the branding from both the chat and the chat campaigns.

Is there a way to hide chat campaigns on mobile though keeping the chat bubble?

At the moment, chat campaigns are displayed when accessing your website on a mobile device. If you'd like to be able to hide chat campaigns on mobile devices, please submit the idea here and our product team will look into it!

Also, keep in mind that mobile accounts for 65% of all e-commerce traffic.

In which cases are the chat campaigns counted as billable tickets?

Chat campaigns are going toward the billable ticket count with the first customer's response. Unlike regular tickets in which there needs to be a response either from an agent or a rule, the first message in the chat campaign is counted as a reply, therefore, they are counted as billable tickets once the customer replies to the pop-up message.

Why is my chat campaign not triggering?

Does the message body of your campaign happen to contain a URL? If you put the exact lettering of your URL into the campaign message body, your campaign won't work, because it then contains rich text. Sadly, this is not something that we can support at this time.
If you would like to see this option developed in the future however, please make sure to submit your request on our product board here. 👍

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