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User permissionsUpdated 5 months ago

There are 5 roles enabling you to precisely control users' permissions:

  • Observer agent: Able to view customers, tickets and send internal notes.
  • Lite agent: Able to modify customers, tickets, and send messages.
  • Basic agent: Able to modify customers, tickets, and send messages.
  • Lead agent: Able to manage customers, tickets, tags, send messages and manage Help Center.
  • Admin: Able to manage everything (billing info, users, integrations, rules, tickets, customers, etc...)

Below is the complete user permissions table associated with each role. However, please keep in mind that this table applies only to the Web UI, not the API. For example, all users are allowed to list most resources including users, macros, rules with the API. Also, any agent has the ability to create private views. The feature to create shared & public views is only available to Lead agents and Admins.

Actions such as hiding/liking comments and responding to private/direct messages on Facebook/Instagram are all considered integrations-related actions as well. Observer Agents can't do integration-related actions, however they can perform these actions directly on Facebook and Instagram. Lite agents will be able to respond to direct messages from FB/IG, however, they will not be able to like or hide comments.

Anyone can use the search function, regardless of their role, and access all of the tickets within the search results. If you have view sharing set up, searching will not prevent any agents from finding tickets in private views.

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