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Users 101

In Gorgias, you can add multiple users to your dashboard and assign them specific roles. User roles will allow the Account Owner to adjust access to some parts of your dashboard and actions that they can take within the dashboard.How it worksHere's h

User permissions

There are 5 user roles that can be assigned to users to control their permissions in detail:. This table applies only to the Web UI, not the API - all users are allowed to list most resources including users, Macros, and Rules with the API. Actions s

Add new users

We recommend each individual using your account be set up as a user instead of sharing logins as this can affect reporting and auditing. Admins can choose to allow new users to join via one of these methods:. They can also enable/disable single sign-

Delete a user

1. Go to Settings -> Users & Teams -> Users. 2. Find the user you'd like to delete and click on their name. 3. Scroll down and click on Delete User in the bottom right - a pop-up will appear. 4. Confirm the deletion by clicking on Delete User in the

Join and log in

New users can join an account by accepting an invitation (sent by an Admin) or by using the self-sign-up page (if enabled). If you're unsure which method to use, please reach out to your account Admin. Users who have been added to an account manually

Single sign-on and 2FA

Single sign-on (SSO) allows users to join and log into your account without creating a unique password - they use their Google or Office 365 profile instead. 2FA (two-factor authentication) and MFA (multi-factor authentication) are enhanced security

Login Issues

If you're experiencing issues with logging in to Gorgias, as a first troubleshooting step please try to clear your Cache & Cookies. 1. Reset your password using the Forgot password? option at your Gorgias account's password reset page - YOURSUBDOMAIN