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Auto-reply Rule best practicesUpdated 3 months ago

Auto-replies are triggered in spam tickets - you can add the ticket spam is not true condition to prevent this.

You can set up Rules that will send out an automated response to let your customers know when you are available, answer their most commonly asked questions, provide them with their tracking number, etc.

Auto-reply Rules can't be applied to ChannelReply tickets nor tickets with only an Internal Note present.

Business hours auto-response

You can create an automated response to be sent either during or after business hours.

During business hours

Outside of business hours

This Rule will only trigger on email tickets that arrive outside business hours. We don't recommend setting this Rule up for Facebook/Instagram comments as they can be flagged as spam.

Auto-replies with Shopify variables

You can set up your Rules to automatically reply to your customers using the information you have on file for specific inquiries - inquiries like "Where is my order" can easily be automated. 

Order status auto-reply when the tracking number is available

This Rule will send an automated message with tracking information when a customer inquires about their order status and their order has shipped.

Auto-reply when the tracking number isn't available

This Rule will send out an automated message with the status URL when an order hasn't shipped yet but hasn't exceeded the processing time.

Internal note auto-reply

You can automate your internal communication too - you can automatically add an internal note in combination with the Intents feature.

Rule setup

Auto-reply or auto-close a ticket after snooze delay ends

You can automatically follow up with clients whose tickets you've snoozed and auto-close them after a follow-up has been sent.

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