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BigCommerceUpdated a month ago

BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform that provides 'software as a service' services to retailers. The company’s platform includes online store creation, search engine optimization, hosting, marketing and security.

*Please keep in mind that the old BigCommerce integration has been officially deprecated and is no longer supported. We have paused all data syncs, which means that as a result no new data coming in for any old integration BigCommerce customers or orders data is being pulled into Gorgias.
*If you are still using the old integration, please keep in mind that you might have seen:
- old data for any customers where we previously fetched data
- no data for customers created after we paused the sync (October 14th 2022)
*Since October 20th 2022 you should no longer be able to see the old widget in ticket sidebars. Please install the new integration as per instructions below if you are still using the old one.

Integration benefits

With the Gorgias BigCommerce app, you can:

  • View BigCommerce customer and order information in a customer's ticket
  • Easily access links to customer and order profile
  • Use BigCommerce variables in macros 
  • Prioritize tickets based on customer data and create other workflows by using BigCommerce customer data in Rules (coming soon!)
  • Create and duplicate orders (new 🌟) from your Gorgias dashboard

Setup instructions

  1. Go to this link please to install the Gorgias app: https://apps.bigcommerce.com/details/39645
  2. Confirm the install to your store:
  3. Enter your Gorgias subdomain to connect it to your store.
  4. That’s it! 👏

You can repeat this same process for multiple stores if you’d like to manage your customer communications for them inside one Gorgias account.

BigCommerce Rule Filters

You can use BigCommerce filters in your rules as well! This will enable you to automate your BigCommerce tickets. Use the BigCommerce data as a filter for rules, for example to send an auto-reply based on the status of the last order of a customer. Here's how that might look like:

Creating orders

You can create BigCommerce orders directly from Gorgias. This in-house Create Order modal provides all the features you need in one place.

Duplicating orders

Now you can duplicate BigCommerce orders directly in Gorgias as well! You can both create an exact duplicate, or duplicate and then modify the new order for your customer. The following adjustments are now available with this action:

  • Add or remove products from an order

  • Adjust products quantity

  • Apply product level or order level discounts

  • Update billing and shipping addresses

You'll find the new option in your ticket sidebar as shown below:

BigCommerce (Legacy)

The legacy BigCommerce integration will be deprecated as of October 1, 2022.

The new version fully replaces the legacy one. 

If you still have the legacy integration installed, you can safely remove it to avoid issues. You will not lose any data in your Gorgias helpdesk. To remove the legacy app, follow these steps:

  1. In your BigCommerce admin, go to "My Apps"
  2. Find the Gorgias app. 
  3. Double-check that it is the legacy app, not the new one. The app ID (shown in the page URL) should be 25196.
  4. Click "Uninstall".
  5. Then, in your Gorgias helpdesk, navigate to Settings > Integrations > HTTP Integrations.
  6. Click on "BigCommerce-Gorgias".
  7. Scroll down and select "Delete Integration".

Please note that if you created any Macros using variables from the legacy integration, you will want to replace these with the new native BigCommerce Macro variables that are available directly in the Macro editor:


How do I install the Gorgias chat widget on my BC store?

You will want to follow the custom installation instructions that can be found here.

Why are there no order tracking links on the ticket widget?

We can't pull tracking information from BC just yet, but please do add your feedback on that to our product board here and we'll let you know if this gets developed in the future!

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