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Customize how AI Agent behavesUpdated 12 days ago

You can customize how AI Agent behaves so that it responds to customer emails in a consistent way that aligns with your brand’s unique needs and ways of working.

Just a like how you would onboard a human agent, you can instruct AI Agent on:


  • You must have an active Automate subscription
  • You must have Lead or Admin permissions in Gorgias

Choosing a tone of voice

Use tone of voice to instruct AI Agent on how your brand speaks when it communicates with customers.

  1. Go to SettingsAutomate
  2. Select your store from the sidebar, then click on AI Agent
  3. In the Configuration tab, open the dropdown menu under General setting
  4. Use the dropdown menu to select a tone of voice: friendly, professional, sophisticated or custom.

In the configuration tab for AI Agent, opening the dropdown menu to select a tone of voice

You can read more about the different tones of voice available in the following table:

Tone type
Warm, approachable, and casual. 
This tone conveys warmth, openness, and a willingness to connect with others on a personal level. It often includes expressions of empathy, positivity, and encouragement, creating a comfortable atmosphere for conversation.
Formal, respectful, and focused. 
This tone maintains a business-like demeanor, suitable for interactions in professional settings such as workplaces or formal correspondence. It avoids colloquial language and maintains a level of objectivity and clarity
Refined, cultured, and elegant. 
This tone conveys a sense of sophistication and intelligence, often through the use of complex vocabulary, subtle nuances, and language structures. It aims to convey depth of thought and often associated with educated or refined individuals.
Tell AI Agent how it should speak. If you have brand guidelines that include information about tone of voice, you can use them here. 
You can be specific, including instructions on what never to say or mention.

Handover rules

AI Agent automatically hands over tickets to your team whenever it lacks confidence in an answer or detects an angry customer. You can use handover rules to choose how AI Agent behaves when it passes tickets to your human team, and add specific topics that it should always handover to your team.

  1. Go to SettingsAutomate
  2. Select your store from the sidebar, then click on AI Agent
  3. Under the Handover and exclusion section, ****use the toggle to turn On/Off Tell customers when handing over
    • When On, AI Agent lets customers know they are being handed over for further help
    • When Off, AI Agent does not respond before completing a handover
  4. Select + Add Topic button to tell AI Agent which topics it should always handover to another agent (for example, complaints).

In the configuration tab for AI Agent, adding topics for tickets that AI Agent should always handover to your human team

Excluded topics

You can also give AI Agent a list of topics that it should never try to resolve. Use the Rule template Prevent AI Agent from answering to indicate when AI Agent should ignore a ticket and leave it for your other agents.

For example, you might have AI Agent ignore tickets from specific email addresses, tickets with specific tags, or tickets that contain certain words.

  1. Go to SettingsRules → then select Create Rule
  2. Search for and select the Rule template Prevent AI Agent from answering **
  3. Select Install Rule
  4. Add conditions to the Rule to tell AI Agent when it should ignore a ticket

AI ticket tagging

You can use ticket tagging to tell AI Agent when to add tags to incoming email tickets. AI Agent identifies when a ticket matches a topic that you describe, then automatically adds the applicable tags.

We recommend that you use ticket tagging to keep AI Agent consistent with your current tagging system and how the rest of your agents apply tags.

  1. Go to SettingsAutomate
  2. Select your store from the sidebar, then click on AI Agent
  3. Under the AI ticket tagging section, select + Add Tag
  4. Open the dropdown menu to select a tag
  5. Describe the topics that AI Agent should look for to apply the tag
  6. Select Save Changes to finish

In the configuration tab for AI Agent, instructing AI Agent to add tags to tickets when they match the indicated topic

Give AI Agent Guidance

Guidance are instructions that tell AI Agent how it should interact with customers, handle specific topics or inquiries, or when to escalate tickets to your human team. You can use Guidance to control how AI Agent behaves according to your own best practices and ways of working.

As an example, if a customer asks about their order but no order data exists, you might instruct AI Agent to first confirm their order number and email address.

To create a Guidance:

  1. Go to SettingsAutomate
  2. Select your store from the sidebar, then click on AI Agent
  3. Select the Guidance tab, then choose Create Guidance or Start with a template
  4. Enter a descriptive Guidance name
    • AI Agent uses this information to identify whether the Guidance is relevant to a shopper’s question.
  5. Enter your Instructionsfor AI Agent to follow
    • It’s best to write in a straightforward manner with examples
  6. Make sure Available for AI Agent is toggled On, then select Create Guidance

Creating a new Guidance for AI Agent to follow, entering specific instructions with examples in the text field about how it should act in a specific scenario

Note: When knowledge exists about a topic in a Guidance and another source, like your Help Center or webpage, AI Agent uses the Guidance first 

Give AI Agent access to Macros

Macros contain valuable knowledge that AI Agent can use to answer common questions — especially Macros with information about your products.

To give AI Agent access to the content of a Macro, add "[AI Compatible]" to the Macro's name in Gorgias.

  1. Go to Settings -> Macros
  2. Select a Macro from the list
  3. Edit the name of the Macro to include "[AI Compatible]"
    • For example, "[AI Compatible] Help with Product Sizing"

Editing an existing Macro in Gorgias to add "[AI Compatible]" its title, then selecting the Save button

Disable Autoresponder Rules

For a better customer experience with AI Agent, we recommend that you review and disable some Autoresponders Rules that you may be using to deflect or resolve email tickets. This way, you can avoid the Autoresponder and AI Agent replying to the same email.

If you use the Auto-close spam emails rule, you can keep this enabled. AI Agent is designed to never to respond to spam email or emails with a clear no-reply intent.

  1. Go to SettingsRules
  2. Use the On/Off toggle next an Autoresponder Rule to disable it
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