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Gorgias Chat - Contact formUpdated 3 months ago

The contact form in Gorgias Chat is a way to collect customer inquiries when your shop is offline


Contact form inquiries create tickets that you can reply to via email instead of creating a live chat ticket with little to no information filled from the customer. 

Benefits include:

  • Better expectations for the customer/shopper
  • Easier to keep the chat on outside of business hours

Coupled with the Live Chat setting that you are free to toggle on and back off whenever you want, it allows you to go on lunch breaks and meetings carefree, knowing that your chat will still be available to your customers and that you'll be free to get back to them later.

Note: Please keep in mind that the contact form setting on chat is mandatory at the moment and can not be turned off. This means that it will automatically be ON outside of your business hours or if you turn off live chat inside business hours.

How it works

Please have a look at the video below to get the best general idea on how this feature can benefit both you and your shoppers:

On the customers' end, the form itself is composed of 5 sections. The customer will need to go through all of these sections in order to complete the contact form:

  1. Subject prompt
    The customer can choose one of these prompts or click on Other. If they click on Other, they will have a text field open, with 100 characters maximum to fill.

  2. Message prompt

    This is the message asking them to provide additional information.

  3. Email capture
    The customer can leave their email here.

  4. Additional information
    The customer can add more information here if needed.

  5. Confirmation
    A confirmation message will be sent to the customer. The customer can also leave another message which will prompt another form to start if clicked.

Note: Please just keep in mind that agent availability is not taken into account when it comes to the chat contact form. The contact form will trigger based on business hours.


All copy from the contact form is available for edit (including the subjects). 

Go to the Appearance tab and click on customize copy then scroll down to the contact form section. 

More information available here. 


  • The contact form is always on outside of business hours and also if the 'Live chat' is off, the contact form will apply automatically, regardless of your business hours.
  • The message prompt limit is 5000 characters.
  • The email in the email capture is limited to 100 characters


Did you know that you can also set up a contact form in Help Center?

Read more here to see how you could set up a contact form inside Help Center, accessible for all plans. 

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