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Intro to AI AgentUpdated 3 days ago

AI Agent is an autonomous support assistant designed specifically for ecommerce brands. Trained on your store’s Shopify data, policies, and brand guidelines, AI Agent responds to customer emails with personalized, high-quality answers — freeing up valuable time for your team to focus on more impactful conversations.

When AI Agent receives an email ticket, it decides whether it can reply with a relevant response, complete an action (like cancel an order), or close the ticket if it detects spam. If AI Agent cannot provide a response, it either asks for more information or hands-off the ticket to your human team.

Requirements to use AI Agent

Customizable, no code setup

You can start using AI Agent without any code or complex configurations. Use a plug-and-play setup to onboard AI Agent with your brand voice, product knowledge and policies, just like a real support agent.

AI-powered responses

AI Agent provides timely responses to customer emails based on a wide range of knowledge sources specific to your brand:

AI Agent replying to a customer in chat. The illustrate shows the various knowledge sources, like your Shopify data, Help Center and Webpages, that go into forming AI Agent's response.

As your help content, product knowledge and guidance get better, so does AI Agent — along with your automation rate.

Custom Guidance

You stay in full control of how AI Agent behaves in specific scenarios. Give AI Agent custom Guidance to ensure that each interaction with your customers reflects your brand’s values, policies and tone.

For example, might instruct AI Agent on what to do when a shopper asks for a return or an exchange. Or you might give specific instructions for when a shopper mentions a damaged item.

AI Agent responding to a customer email, with an illustrating demonstrating the Guidance that AI Agent used to form the response

Visible on your Help Desk

AI Agent is trained on your store’s order data and brand-specific knowledge to ensure it answers questions correctly and avoids “hallucinations”. But you can also keep tabs on AI Agent and monitor how it handles conversations in a dedicated ticket View on your helpdesk.Opening the AI Agent ticket View to in your helpdesk's sidebar to monitor how tickets are being handled

Measure AI Agent’s performance

You can see how AI Agent is making an impact on your CSAT, first response and resolutions times in the Agent Performance report. As AI Agent learns and receives feedback, use the Automate Overview report to see AI Agent’s impact on your automation rate.

The Agent Performance report in Gorgias, filtered to see results for AI Agent on CSAT, first response and resolution times

Customer experience with AI Agent

AI Agent holds complete, natural conversations with your customers in multiple languages. It understands complex inquiries, asks follow-up questions for clarity, and offers full solutions by pulling data from Shopify and other ecommerce tools to perform Actions and resolve inquiries.

  • AI Agent responds to queries in real-time, improving your first response and resolution times, and creating a positive experience for customers
  • AI Agent smartly hands over tickets to your human team. Even when it doesn’t resolve tickets fully on its own, AI Agent gathers information upfront for an easy resolution

AI Agent responding to a customer inquiry about order status. An internal messages shows what knowledge sources AI Agent used to form the response, and asks for feedback from the user.

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What languages does AI Agent support?

AI Agent can respond to customers in multiple languages, so long as the Help Center content, webpages and any Guidance you provide are written in English.

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