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KYC registration of UK numbersUpdated 20 days ago

This article explains the registration process of existing UK numbers in Gorgias helpdesk. If you're looking to obtain a new UK number, please follow these steps. If you want to transfer an existing number to Gorgias, please check out this article.

By September 30, 2024, all UK numbers in Gorgias will have to be registered to keep the option of outbound calls and SMS. Passed that date, non-verified numbers will be able to receive calls and SMS, but won't be allowed to make calls, return missed calls, or send messages. The registration process has no fees and can take approximately 7 days.

UK regulations require mandatory registration of UK long-code phone numbers to continue using Voice and SMS services due to the rise in scams and fraud over the last few years. These new requirements are put in place to protect shoppers from deceptive practices, spam, and bad actors by requiring verification of businesses with phone providers, such as Twilio (Gorgias Voice service provider).

Register your number

The information that'll be collected

If your business is listed in Companies House Register, you won't have to provide any documentation. If it isn't, you'll need to provide the excerpt from your business registry.

The information that we'll ask for in the registration form:

1. Your Gorgias subdomain and login email.

2. CRN (Company registration number). If not listed in the Companies House Register, we'll ask for the Business Registration Authority, Company ID, and excerpt from your business registry.

3. Legal business name.

4. Business address in the United Kingdom.

5. Emergency address. This is the physical address of the actual phone number user where emergency services can send help in case of an emergency (can be same as the one in step 4).

6. Website URL.

7. Name, phone number, and email of the authorized representative.

Gorgias and Twilio will process personal data according to Gorgias Privacy Notice and Twilio Privacy Notice.

Failing to register won't automatically deactivate your selected Gorgias Voice/SMS plan because your numbers will remain active for inbound traffic.

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