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Migration from Mailgun to SendgridUpdated 4 months ago

This document will help you understand and complete the Migration process from Mailgun to Sendgrid.

What do these providers do?

These providers are used to host your base email address created by default when you create your Gorgias account - this is the email ending in emails.gorgias.com for Mailgun or email.gorgias.com for Sendgrid. 

This email address is used for the following features: 

  • Sending and receiving emails through integrations set up with email forwarding. 
  • Sending satisfaction survey emails
  • Sending emails via the Send Email Rule action
Direct Email integrations don't rely on this email address unless the Send emails from Gorgias with Gmail setting is toggled off.

Do I need to complete the migration process?

If your account is required to complete the Sendgrid migration process, all account admins will see a persistent banner appear at the top of your page - with a hyperlink to start the migration - notifying your team that you're required to migrate. 

This migration wizard will persist until the migration is complete. You'll be able to leave the migration at any point and can return to it by clicking the Continue Migration button on the banner.

Migration Process

When migrating to Sendgrid, the verification email should be @email.gorgias.com instead of @emails.gorgias.com

The migration process is a self-service one, and has several steps:

1. Click the Start Migration button on the banner - it'll take you to the Sendgrid migration landing page. 

2. Create a Sendgrid-based Email integration by clicking the Start Migration button on the landing page.

3. Complete inbound verification for all forwarding email integrations using Gorgias to send emails.

4. Complete outbound verification for all domains sending emails through Gorgias, or Single Sender Verification if you don't own your email domain.

Once the migration's done, you'll be redirected to the landing page and the banner will disappear.

Single Sender Verification should only be used for email addresses with a free email domain (addresses ending with gmail.com, outlook.com, freemail.com) - Single Sender Verification won't suffice for using the Gorgias fallback method for sending emails if Gmail/Outlook API fails.
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