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Voice Statistics 101Updated 2 months ago

Voice Statistics provides a closer examination of the call volume, team performance, individual accomplishments, as well as customer experience that callers get when getting in touch with your brand.

If you navigate to Statistics -> Voice, you can see two reports:

  • Overview: provides a high-level overview of the call volume, caller experience, and details of each call during the selected time frame
  • Agent: displays a comparable view of the individual performance of selected team members
Right now you can only filter dates from November 20th, 2023 onwards.


This report provides an overall call volume as well as additional details of each call that can help you determine how to optimize your resources and what areas can be improved.

It consists of 3 sections:

  • Caller Experience: display of the phone service your customers get, shown through the average wait and talk time.
  • Call Volume: an overview of the total number of calls for the selected time frame - inbound, outbound, and missed
  • Activity: details of each call, along with a direct link to the ticket


This report compares the performance of your phone agents in a tabular view. You can see side by side the number of their answered, missed, declined, and outbound calls. You can also compare their average talk time.

Besides this, you can also see the average results of all of those metrics for the selected agents.

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