Chat campaigns

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Chat campaigns, sometimes referred to as proactive chat, are a great way to engage customers on your website and can help increase conversions as well.

You can create chat campaigns by going to Settings > Integrations > Chat > The desired chat integration > Campaigns.

Use the "Current URL" and "Time spent on page" filters to determine what page(s) each campaign pops up on and when you want it to appear. You can also chose the message of the campaign and if you want that message to look like it was sent by a certain agent.

Create multiple campaigns geared towards your customers needs and drive traffic to other products on your site. This is a great opportunity to cross sell and increase your AOV.

Please note that chat campaigns will not trigger:

  1. Outside of your business hours. This is to ensure that your campaigns are active only at the time when your support agents are online and that they can continue the conversation with the customer interacting with the campaign.
  2. Once your customer closes them or interacts with them once (unless the customer uses a different browser or incognito mode or clears their cache and cookies).
  3. Once your customer opens the chat (it will cancel campaigns for this session, but won't hide them forever: if they refresh the page, they will have chances to be displayed again, until they get closed or interacted with)(this is especially true for campaigns which display after the customer has spent a certain amount of time on the page: if your customer opened the chat before this amount of time, the campaign won't display until they refresh the page and wait the specified amount of time without opening the chat widget)

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