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Create Teams

Once you've added your colleagues as users, you can then add them to relevant teams as well!

Please just keep in mind that this feature is available for Pro+ plans only.

  1. To create your first team, please find the option on the path Settings > Teams > Create Team, as shown below:
  1. Now you can give your team a name, an icon, and a short description of their tasks as well. Once you're happy with the setup, click 'Save':
  1. Time to add some teammates! Click on 'Add Team Member' and a drop-down will open up. Here you can pick a name or search for one to add them to your team:
  1. Once you've added some users, you'll notice that you can further edit their profiles from this page as well, by simply clicking anywhere next to their name:

Why is this useful?

Maybe you want your Gorgias Teams to reflect your real-life teams, or you want to check statistics for a specific group of colleagues (1), or you want to assign certain views to a specific group of people only (2), have some rules affect specific teams only (3)...

These are just some of the examples, but the possibilities are endless! For example, check out this article on the Auto-Assign feature.

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