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How does Gorgias billing work?

Gorgias billing is based on either a monthly or annual subscription. The subscription plans are based on billable ticket count and integration count.

Billable tickets

A billable ticket is a ticket that received a response either from an agent or a rule. If a customer sends a message via one of the integrated channels and an agent/rule responds to them, then that ticket is counted as a billable ticket. Additional messages on this ticket are not considered as additional billable tickets. A ticket that receives a response by an agent or a rule will only be counted as one billable ticket regardless of how many messages are sent or received on the thread.

What happens once the ticket is closed? Will the replies received under the closed ticket result in opening a new ticket?

This actually depends on the channel in question, let us explain this a bit further:

  • Email: if the customer continues the conversation under the same email thread, even if the ticket was closed it will reopen on the customer's message and won't be considered as a new ticket, so the billable ticket count, in this case, is still 1. If they, however, send a brand new email > new ticket will be opened.
  • Chat: if you close out a chat ticket from a customer, and they reach out again after more than 3 days > new ticket will be opened. If you reply > billable tickets count in this case will be 2. This is not applied for the closed chat tickets that receive a response within 3 days > in this case, closed ticket will reopen and billable ticket count is 1.
  • Social: every comment pulled from your social channels is considered as a new ticket. But replies to that comment will populate under the same ticket. As soon as you respond within comment from Gorgias > ticket is considered as billable.

If you exceed your billable ticket count for your plan, you will not be automatically moved up to the next plan, nor will your account be suspended or disabled. Rather, you will be billed for each additional billable ticket. Each subscription level has a different cost for this which is broken down below.

With Gorgias, the ability to merge customer communication profiles together allows you to see customer ticket history across all communication channels. This means that duplicate tickets are not responded to and in turn, your support efficiency is increased and billable ticket count is decreased.

Integration count

Integrations in Gorgias are the tools you use as an e-commerce store. For example, if you have 2 Shopify stores integrated in Gorgias and each store is utilizing chat, a support email address, and each has a social media account integrated then this would mean you have 8 integrations; 2 Shopify integrations, 2 chat integrations, 2 email integrations, and 2 social media integrations.

Subscription plans



Once subscribing to an annual plan, two months credit is added yo your account!


I'm paying through Shopify. What is the $10,000 approved usage limit on my receipt?

This is a standard payment term for pay-per-use services through Shopify. It shows the cap on payments debited for this particular app through your Shopify account. Rest assured the charges are as specified by your plan + overages if applicable. You can also track your usage by going to Settings > Billing and Usage.

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