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Voice Add-on 101Updated 19 days ago

The Voice Add-on is a supplementary subscription for Gorgias account holders. This subscription gives you access to the Gorgias Voice channel, allowing you to create phone numbers, answer incoming customer calls, and make outbound calls from your helpdesk.

Voice tickets aren't counted towards your regular ticket limit, but are being allocated to their dedicated Voice Add-on limits instead.

When customers call your store, you'll automatically be able to see the customers' e-commerce history, past conversations, and other integration data.

We match the number with the customer profile in Shopify, not the shipping section.

The phone number you create and use to reach out to your customers through Gorgias needs to be in the format +1 XXX-XXX-XXXX for Gorgias to locate the ticket in the customer search and for you to be able to make a call. 

With Gorgias Voice you can:

  • Create a local phone number for the USA, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Australia, and New Zealand 
  • Create a toll-free phone number for the USA and Canada
  • Create a mobile phone number for Germany, UK, and Australia
  • Make and receive calls in Gorgias 
  • Receive and listen to voicemails 
  • Set voicemails for business hours and outside business hours (customer recording and text-to-speech) 
  • Forward calls to your mobile phone
  • Automatically recognize Shopify customers
  • Set round-robin incoming calls for agents within a team
  • Accept forwarded calls from Aircall or other providers
  • Record and listen to calls
  • Put customers on hold
  • Port your number
  • Create an IVR
  • Add customer greetings
  • Send calls to SMS
  • See advanced phone statistics
You can check out our Product Roadmap and upvote one of the planned features, or submit an idea of your own as we're always working on expanding and improving it.

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