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Billing and usage

Subscription plans

Gorgias billing is based on either a monthly or annual subscription and the subscription plans are based on the billable ticket count and integration count. You can choose whether you only want to subscribe to the helpdesk or add additional features

Billable tickets, Automated interactions, Convert Campaigns

A billable ticket is a ticket that received a response from an agent or a Rule: if a customer sends a message via one of the integrated channels and an agent or Rule responds to them - that ticket is counted as a billable ticket. Additional messages

Billing & usage page

Once you have an account with Gorgias, you can manage it under Settings → Account -> Billing & usage where you can see three tabs: Usage & Plans, Payment Information, and Payment History. Here you can manage your subscription for the helpdesk, as wel

Cancel an account

To cancel the account, navigate to Settings -> Account -> Billing & usage and click on the Manage button in your Helpdesk card. When the card opens, click on the Cancel auto-renewal option. When requesting an account cancellation, you'll be prompted


You'll receive a monthly invoice that includes the details of your subscription with every billing cycle to the billing email address that's under Settings -> Account -> Billing & usage -> Payment information -> Billing address, which you can change