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Notifications 101

When there's a new message on any Chat-type channel (Chat, Instagram DMs, Messenger, etc.), and when you're assigned a ticket, you can receive a browser notification - they help make sure you respond to customers as soon as they start chatting with y

Enable browser notifications in Chrome

1. Open your Gorgias helpdesk in your Chrome browser. 2. Click on the icon next to the page's URL.3. In the dropdown, click on Site Settings.4. This opens a new page. Click on the Notifications permission, and click Allow.

Enable browser notifications in Safari

1. Open your Gorgias helpdesk in your Safari browser. 2. Right-click on the URL address bar. 3. Click on Settings for [your helpdesk].4. Click on Allow All Auto-Play under Auto-Play.

Enable browser notifications in Microsoft Edge

1. Go to Start -> Settings. 2. From there, go to System -> Notifications. 3. Scroll down to Notifications from apps and other senders and find Microsoft Edge. 4. Make sure that the toggle for notifications is set to on. 1. Go the Settings menu via th

Disable browser notifications

Please right-click the tab title in your browser and then select Mute Site. Alternatively, please follow these instructions:1. Open Chrome.2. Click on the three dots -> Settings in the top right.3. Click on Privacy and security → Site Settings -> Per