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Call routing and ringing behaviorUpdated a month ago

Call routing refers to ticket assignment for Voice tickets - the way calls are received and assigned depends on ringing behavior settings in your account.


By default, a Team named as your phone number will be created and set as the Team the calls need to be routed to. 

If you'd like the calls to be routed to another Team or all available agents, you can select that option from the drop-down menu.

If you want the calls to be assigned to only one agent, please make sure that only that agent is in the Team that's selected in routing preferences.


1. Go to Settings -> Channels -> Voice -> your Voice integration -> Preferences.

2. Select the preferred option from the drop-down-menu.

Remember to add any agents who will be handling phone calls to this team so the calls can be successfully routed to them.

Ringing behavior

When an inbound call is received, it can either be assigned to a specific agent (and ring for only them) or broadcast to your account (and ring for all available agents).

There are two types of ringing behavior:

Round-robin ringingCalls assigned to a team will ring available agents one by one, ordered by the time since an agent last received a call.
Broadcast ringingCalls assigned to a team will ring all available agents simultaneously.


1. Go to Settings -> Voice -> your Voice integration -> Preferences.

2. Select the preferred ringing behavior

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