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Create a FlowUpdated 4 months ago

You'll need to use the Flow builder to create your Flows. Every time you create one, it'll be saved in a disabled state so you can enable it in the desired channel manually.


Create and publish a Flow

1. Go to Automate -> your store -> Flows.

2. Click on Create Custom Flow or Create From Template in the top right - as Create From Template will give you pre-made Flows to choose from, we'll focus on Create Custom Flows here. 

3. Enter a name for your Flow (it won't be visible to customers)

4. Click the Trigger button and enter a name for it (this will be visible to your customers in Chat and used to start the Flow - for example, "How do I know my shoe size?").

5. Click the + icon under the trigger to add option steps and select the type of step from the dropdown menu.

6. Continue to add steps to create paths and, when you're happy with the setup, click on the End Flow node and select the desired end step.

7. Click on Publish.

Save a Flow as a draft

Saving Flows as drafts allows you to preserve your work without having to complete all the steps or leave the Flow builder.

If you want to keep working on your Flow before publishing it, click the Save button in the upper right corner instead of the Publish button. 

Flow drafts can be saved as incomplete, but they have to have a title. They'll be labeled and won't appear in your Channels settings, so there's no chance of making them visible to your shoppers by accident.

When you're happy with the Flow, click on the Publish button in the upper right corner which will take you to the Channels tab, so you can enable the Flow and make it visible to your shoppers in the selected channels.

Once the Flow is published, it can't be changed back to draft again, however, you can duplicate it and it'll be automatically saved as a draft.

Enable a Flow

Once your new Flow has been created, enable it in the desired channels - these are the channels your trigger will be displayed in.

1. Navigate to Automate -> your store -> Channels.

2. Click the arrow to the right of the Chat you'd like to enable Flows on.

3. Toggle the Flow on to enable it.

4. Once enabled, you can click Try It Live under the preview to the right to preview the experience your customers will have.

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