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Flows 101

Flows are automated Q&A conversation scenarios that operate across multiple channels and assist shoppers with personalized guides, answers, and recommendations. They let you create custom multi-step paths to answer your shoppers' questions based on t

Flow builder

The builder has a tree-type layout that reflects the multiple paths you can build for your customers, depending on the topic.

Flow steps (triggers, options, ends)

Here you can see all the steps, options, and types of ends you can set up in Flows. Steps are the building blocks used to create Flows - there are 3 types in the Flow builder:. This button appears when a Flow is published - the Flow will start when a

Create a Flow

1. Go to Automate -> your store -> Flows. 2. Click on Create Custom Flow or Create From Template in the top right - as Create From Template will give you pre-made Flows to choose from, we'll focus on Create Custom Flows here. 3. Enter a name for your

Creating Flow variables using JSONPath

When using our HTTP request Flow step, you can create variables using the response you received from a third party to leverage it in subsequent steps (for example, get a customer's loyalty point balance). You can create variables from your response b

HTTP request step in Flows

With the HTTP request Flow steps, you can use data and execute actions from third-party apps to make your Flows more powerful and automate a variety of requests, so your team can focus on the more complex issues. 1. Go to Automate -> your Store -> Fl

Add email to Klaviyo list via Flows

You can create a Flow with HTTP request that will automatically create a Klaviyo profile for your customer as soon as they leave their name and email address. You can then manage how the profile will be added to lists and segments through Klaviyo set

Show LoyaltyLion points balance via Flows

You can create a Flow with HTTP request that will automatically show LoyaltyLion points to your customer upon their request. 1. You can start the Flow with the Trigger button How many loyalty points do I have?:2. For the second step select Customer l

Manage Recharge subscription via Flows

You can create a Flow with HTTP request that will enable your customers to manage their Recharge subscriptions without involving your team. 1. You can start the Flow with the Trigger button I'd like to manage my subscription:2. For the second step se