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Quick Responses 101Updated 21 days ago

Quick Responses allow you to create multistep automated responses to customer questions, without engaging an agent. When they get a response, if the customer still requires help, a ticket is created for an agent to follow up. This feature is only available for accounts with an Automate subscription.

When a customer clicks on a Quick Response button, they are immediately sent the specified automatic reply. They are then asked if the response was helpful or not.

If they say yes, they are wished a pleasant day and no ticket is created.

If they say no, a ticket is created for agents to follow up.

     No further help needed        Further help needed


How many Quick Responses can be displayed at any one time?

You can display up to 6 Quick Responses at any one time. You can however create as many as you like.

What do tickets created by Quick Responses look like?

Tickets created by Quick Responses include the customers details (where possible) and a full history of messages sent via Quick Responses.

Last reviewed Tue, 14 Nov 23 by Senka

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