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Messenger customer chat plugin

Website visitors can use customer chat to talk with the merchant on Messenger without leaving the store. If the visitor leaves, the conversation continues on Messenger.It’s a win-win for customers and merchants. Customers no longer have to leave thei

Messenger Chat Bots

Octane AI, ManyChat, ReCart and ShopMessage are Messenger bot platforms helping you automate your social media conversations.How it worksAs soon as the customer types out a message it will open a ticket in Gorgias. Then your Support Team sees it and


Amplify.ai is an AI-powered customer engagement platform helping merchants achieve better ROI using various marketing automation tools built for channels such as Facebook, Instagram, SMS, Facebook Messenger, etc.Integration BenefitsCustomers interact

What is Gorgias?

Gorgias (pronounced 'gorgeous') is a customer support platform built for e-commerce companies!Connect all of your customer service channels: email, chat, phone, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, SMS and manage all of them from inside one Gorgias dashbo

Gorgias helpdesk notifications

When there's a new message on any live chat-type channel (chat, Instagram DMs, Messenger etc.), as well as when you're assigned a ticket, you can receive a browser notification. They are helpful to make sure that you respond to customers as soon as t

Troubleshooting issues with your Facebook and Instagram integration

Here you will find solutions for the most common issues reported for the Facebook integration. But first, please refer to this article to make sure that you've arranged the necessary access already and that this didn't cause the issue in the first pl

Gorgias Support Team SLAs

As we strive to provide maximum customer service, we will talk a bit more on clearly stating metrics, responsibilities and expectations. This article will mostly focus on the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the Support Team, including Level 1 and L


Connect Glew and Gorgias to get actionable insights on your customer support and see how your customer communications impact your business. Glew helps you blend data from Gorgias with the rest of your tech stack – from your ecommerce cart to your loy