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Test Automate without billable ticketsUpdated 4 months ago

This feature is only available to Automate subscribers. 

To ensure the smooth running of your automated flows, we have a testing mode that allows you to try out all your configurations without being billed for it. 

We encourage you to take advantage of the test mode to verify the configurations of your Automate features, especially if you're building multi-step Flows. If you have a test store, we recommend testing the workflows on your test store before setting it live. 


1. Ensure that you're logged in as an Admin user.

2. Go to Automate -> your Shopify store -> Channels.

3. Select the channel (Chat, Help Center, Contact Form) you'd like to configure.

4. Click on Try It Live, below the right-hand-side preview - this'll direct you to the live page.

The channels you want to test need to be enabled: Chat, Help Center, and Contact Form.

5. Here, you can test all the automated workflows you set up - you'll see an orange banner that indicates you're in test mode. 

These options are live on your site, but while you're in this test mode, you won't be billed for any interactions you create and you won't receive tickets in your helpdesk.

6. Once you're done testing, click on Exit to terminate test mode - any interactions you create outside of test mode might become billable.

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