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Meet your newest team member, an AI Agent who can send personalized, high-quality responses to customers in the blink of an eye.

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Automate 101

Gorgias Automate works 24/7 to answer up to 60% of your most repetitive tickets with a 0-second response time, freeing your team to focus on conversations that actually need a human touch.

Set up Automate Features

Congratulations on taking your Support offering to the next level. Below are set-by-step instructions on how to set up the new features you've just unlocked.Quick response flowsQuick response flows allow you to have up to 4 custom frequently asked qu


Autoresponders identify the intent of inbound email tickets and take action on your behalf either by closing tickets or replying with relevant information and then closing the tickets. Check out our articles devoted to the Autoresponders in the Rules

Article Recommendations in Chat

Shoppers can receive answers to their inquiries before getting to an agent by having relevant articles from your Help Center suggested during Chat interactions - when they type in the Chat, they'll get a suggestion for a helpful article from your Hel

Test Automate without billable tickets

To ensure the smooth running of your automated flows, we have a testing mode that allows you to try out all your configurations without being billed for it. We encourage you to take advantage of the test mode to verify the configurations of your Auto

Train your Article Recommendations

Train is a page in the Automate tab where you can review all the articles sent with the Article Recommendation feature in Chat. With this feature, you will have more visibility into how your customers interact with your Help-Center articles, helping

Overview (My Automate)

When you navigate to Automate in the top left corner of your sidebar, you'll land on the Overview page where you'll see the impact your Automate settings have on the interactions with your customers, how to further boost your automation, and what res