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Ticket fields 101Updated a month ago

What are ticket fields?

Ticket fields are customizable properties of a ticket that give you the ability to summarise a conversation in a structured way. With this structured and accurate data, you will be able to generate actionable insights to help you improve the buying experience, spot quality issues faster, reduce costs, and boost revenue.

One key aspect of ticket fields is that you can make each one mandatory. As a result, your agents cannot close a ticket if they haven't filled the required field, ensuring quality data for your reports.

We support multiple types of fields, but the main one is the multi-level dropdown. Thanks to this field type, team leads will be able to create granular categories and subcategories to help you answer the questions you or your stakeholders ask you.

So if you have been asking yourself the following questions at the end of each week:

  • What are the main reasons customers are contacting you?
  • What product are they contacting you about?
  • What did your agents do to solve their issue?

You should definitely set up ticket fields of your own, or even use managed ticket fields so you can benefit from our AI-powered suggestions. You can also use rules to automatically set your ticket fields.

Ticket fields vs. Tags

Ticket fields are designed to represent a summary of a ticket in a strictly formatted way, allowing for efficient and accurate reporting.

Tags on the other hand should be used to:

  • Help with ticket workflow management. You can use them to sort tickets in different views, based on the SLA, team, or any relevant subdivision.

    They can be added and removed during the ticket lifecycle, whereas ticket fields should be filled when the ticket gets closed as a “final state”

  • Be an extension to the ticket field.

    • You can use tags as temporary (sub)category for exceptional circumstances (e.g. marketing campaigns)

    • Or to add an extra detail to an existing (sub)category (e.g. if you have a field named contact reason with discount code selected as value in the ticket, you can add the actual discount code as tag

How do ticket fields work with other ticket management features? 
(snooze, rules, macros, bulk actions)

  • A ticket can be snoozed despite not having all the mandatory fields filled.
  • Rules can close a ticket without mandatory fields being filled (because it’s automatic action)
  • Macros cannot close a ticket without filled mandatory fields, no matter if they are applied by a user or by a rule
  • Tickets cannot be bulk closed by applying a macro that has a close action
  • Tickets can be bulk closed when that option is selected in the view without filling in the mandatory fields 
  • Certain ticket fields requires a ticket to be closed, it only applies to individual tickets being closed by an agent. Rules can still auto-close tickets without filling in the field, and bulk-closing tickets from views also works.
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