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Ticket Fields 101Updated a month ago

Ticket Fields are customizable properties of a ticket through which you can summarise a conversation in a structured way to get actionable insights that will help you improve the buying experience, spot quality issues faster, reduce costs, and boost revenue.

You can make Ticket Fields mandatory so your agents can't close a ticket if they haven't filled the required field, ensuring quality data for your reports - you can also fill them in via Rules or Macros.

  • An account can have a maximum of 25 active custom fields at a time
  • Fields are set up for the entire account on all tickets (existing and new ones)
  • Fields can be made mandatory to close a ticket
  • Custom fields won't impact your existing Tags configuration - you'll be able to use custom fields instead of or in addition to Tags
  • Fields can only be archived, not deleted and, when you archive a field, tickets that already have a value associated with that field will keep them, in case you want to unarchive the field later on
  • You can search for any option or category using the search option in the dropdown menu and you'll see all the options in it

Ticket Fields vs. Tags

Ticket Fields are designed to represent a summary of a ticket in a strictly formatted way, allowing for efficient and accurate reporting.

Tags on the other hand should be used to:

  • Help with ticket workflow management - Used to sort tickets in different Views, they can be added and removed during the ticket lifecycle, whereas Ticket Fields should be filled when the ticket gets closed as a final state
  • Be an extension of the Ticket Field - Used as temporary (sub)categories for exceptional circumstances (marketing campaigns) or to add an extra detail to an existing (sub)category (if you have a field named contact reason with discount code selected as value in the ticket, you can add the actual discount code as a Tag)

Ticket Fields and ticket management features

  • A ticket can be snoozed despite not having all the mandatory fields filled
  • Rules can close a ticket without mandatory fields being filled (automatic action)
  • Macros can't close a ticket without filling in mandatory fields, no matter if they're applied by a user or a Rule
  • Tickets can't be bulk closed by applying a Macro that has a close action
  • Tickets can be bulk closed without filling in the mandatory fields 

Field examples and templates

Contact Reason - Why is your customer contacting you?

Contact Reason template

Product - What product are they contacting us about?

Resolution - What did your agents do to solve their issue?

Resolution template


  • Users can't add a Ticket Field value on voice tickets
  • [API] Custom fields are not in the List tickets endpoint
  • No support for Ticket Fields on the mobile app - if you're trying to close a ticket on the mobile app that doesn't have the required fields filled, you'll see an error message and the ticket won't be closed
  • There's no chaining of fields - if you select a value in Field1, Field2 won't show values associated with the Field1 value. That being said, you can still have that logic by making use of the hierarchy of 1 field. 
    For instance, if you wanted a ticket with the following info:
    • category: issue
    • sub-category: fulfillment
    • sub-sub-category: wrong item
    • Instead of configuring 3 separate fields, you could have 1 field named Contact Reason and choose the value: issue::fulfillment::wrong item.
    • Once exported as CSV, you could just split the column in Excel and do the analysis manually
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