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Types of Ticket FieldsUpdated 2 months ago

There are 4 types of Ticket Fields - Dropdown, Number, Text, and Yes/No.

If you want your agents to only be able to select from a set list of values, use the Dropdown field type.

Dropdown specificities:

  • Hierarchy support (you can create sub-categories directly in one field)
  • A maximum of 5 levels (with the following structure: top::mid::bottom)
  • A maximum of 2000 values in total per field
  • 255 characters in total per value (all levels included)
  • If you delete a value from a drop-down in the settings, tickets that currently have this value will keep it, but agents won’t be able to select the deleted value in new tickets

Dropdown best practices:

  • Each level should have fewer than 15 values to make it easy for agents to find them
  • You should start with a few categories per field, then increase the complexity of the hierarchy as you go (tickets with replaced values will have the old values)
  • Fields should be made mandatory as soon as possible to get complete data
  • All fields should have an Other or Not Applicable value to allow agents to close the ticket if no value matches the use case
  • If you want to have a multi-select dropdown, you can create a non-mandatory duplicate field - for example: subscription, product info, rewards, and order/shipping can be combined into one Contact Reason with 4 top-level categories: subscription, product info, rewards, and order/shipping


The Number field type will allow you to store numerical values: integers (-1 or 0000) as well as decimals (0.00) so you can store the cost of returns, refunds, or any other action your agents have taken.


The Text field will allow you to store free-form text - the opposite of the Dropdown field.


The Yes/No (boolean) field type will allow you to quickly mark a ticket - for example, whether the ticket has been escalated to a different team or a manager.

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