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Voice FAQsUpdated 20 days ago

Can we mute phone call notifications without declining the call?

Not currently.

How do I transfer a call from one agent to another?

This can currently only be done by changing the assigned agent in the ticket.

How long can the greeting message be?

Your greeting message can now be longer than 30 seconds, but not over 2 MB, and doesn't play outside of your business hours.

What's the supported format for the Greeting Message and Voicemail Message?

They can only be uploaded in .mp3 file format.

Can I not add a Greeting Message?

Yes - you'll need to select the None option. If any other option is selected but no message is recorded/added, you won't be able to make or receive calls.

Can Voice tickets be merged?

You can merge Voice tickets with any other tickets if the Voice tickets don't contain any unfinished calls (ringing, answered, in progress, etc.).

How long will the Gorgias phone ring until the call is timed out?

If all agents are busy/unavailable or if it's outside business hours, calls will ring for approximately 2 minutes before being redirected to voicemail or canceled.

If agents are available or the call is received during business hours, calls will ring for 60 seconds until an agent answers. If the call is not answered after 60 seconds, it will time out.

If round-robin is enabled, and if all of the available agents decline the incoming call, the call will go straight to voicemail.

If round-robin is enabled, but there are no available agents, then the caller will hear the waiting music for up to 2 minutes (waiting for an agent to become available). If no agent becomes available before the 2-minute timeout, the customer will get redirected to voicemail.

If no ticket assignment is enabled for the Voice channel and the Voice ticket is assigned to an agent:

And the agent is unavailable ->

  • The agent gets unassigned from the ticket
  • If the ticket is assigned to a phone team, Gorgias dials other available team members
  • If the ticket isn't assigned to a phone team, Gorgias dials all available agents

If the agent is available but doesn't answer the call ->

  • The agent gets unassigned from the ticket
  • If the ticket is assigned to a phone team, Gorgias dials the available team members

If the agent is available but declines the call ->

  • The agent gets unassigned from the ticket
  • If the ticket is assigned to a phone team, Gorgias dials the available team members

How many phone numbers can an account have?

You're free to get as many phone numbers as you need in Gorgias - just note that they all count towards your plan's integration limit. 

When you delete a phone number in Gorgias, it'll be deleted in 10 days if you don't re-add it within that time frame.

Where are voicemails stored?

Voicemails are available within the ticket and can be found as voicemail left events for up to 6 months from the recorded date before they're deleted.

For how long are recordings stored?

Call recordings will be stored for up to 6 months before they're automatically deleted. Once recordings are deleted, the Call ended event will appear with the following message:

Can I call Shopify customers directly from our Voice integration?

Yes - we pull in phone numbers for customers so we can easily link Voice tickets with Shopify customers.

What is the minimum bandwidth needed to support calls?

Bandwidth (Uplink/Downlink)Opus*: 40kbps / 40 kbps
PCMU: 100kbps / 100kbps
Latency (RTT)< 200ms
Jitter< 30ms
Packet Loss< 3%

You can also run a Twilio test to check if your connection is stable enough.

Do my customers receive any costs from calls?

No, your customers won't be charged outside of the standard calling rates they already receive from their phone provider. Toll-free phone numbers incur no charges at all for the customers.

Can I create a premium phone number in Gorgias?

Not currently, but premium/novelty numbers are offered through specific services like Number Barn, which can be ported into Gorgias via a porting request.

I don't want the music to play when an agent isn't available.

To avoid the music playing while a customer is waiting for an agent to answer, you can set up a greeting message instead. 

Navigate to Settings -> Channel -> Voice -> your Voice integration -> Greeting message and upload your recording or use text-to-speech, like with voicemail. 

If you choose to upload a recording, the only format supported is .mp3.

Now, when a customer calls and nobody is available, they'll hear the Greeting message first, for example letting them know that a representative will be with them shortly.

What's the difference between native, forwarding, and porting a phone number?

Native is when Gorgias is your service provider and you're answering calls in Gorgias.

Forwarding is when you have an external service provider and these calls are redirected (forwarded) to Gorgias through them.

Porting is when you migrate your service from an external provider to Gorgias. This process is a one-time step that occurs during setup. After this, Gorgias becomes your service provider.

Can we keep our existing phone number?

Yes - you can choose to forward your existing number or port it into Gorgias.

Forwarding -> create a new phone number in Gorgias and forward any calls from your existing number to your new one in Gorgias so your customers can continue contacting you via the same number without experiencing any disruption.

This requires you to create a phone number in Gorgias and forward calls to this number. You can currently create US, Canadian, UK, French, and Australian phone numbers in Gorgias so you'd need to use one of those numbers for forwarding. 

To set this up please contact your current service provider and forward calls to this number.

Forwarding and/or international call charges may apply - contact your provider for more information.

Porting -> submit the necessary information and documentation through our form and our porting team will initiate the process and reach out with updates/next steps.

Submit request

How can I check if I can forward calls from my current provider?

To check if your current provider will allow call forwarding, you'll have to search your current provider's documentation for a feature like Forward to device or Call forwarding and follow their instructions.

Here are some instructions to forward calls from our customers' most common providers:

In Zendesk Talk, call forwarding on an agent level isn't required - instead, you can easily manage it through Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Simply follow the provided IVR instructions, configuring it to prompt callers to "press 1 to talk to a customer support agent" and include a greeting message for optimal functionality. To designate a number, click on the dropdown and input the Gorgias number. 

If your provider isn't listed, reach out to them directly for assistance in setting up forwarding to your helpdesk.

If I'm forwarding calls to Gorgias, what number will my customers see when I'm making outbound calls from the helpdesk?

Making outbound calls from the helpdesk will show your phone number (original number) and not the Gorgias number that is forwarding the call.

If I'm forwarding calls, does Gorgias pick up the forwarding number or the customer number for new inbound calls?

You should see the customers' phone numbers, but it depends on your phone provider. If the provider blocks that info, then customers' phone numbers won't be pulled into Gorgias.

We've set up a US/Canadian phone number in Gorgias, but our agents are located in other countries. Will I be charged additional fees if they answer from an IP address outside of the US/Canada?

No - Gorgias operates through a browser, so you won't incur any international call charges by answering from an IP address overseas.

Can we forward from Gorgias to another provider?

Yes - you can use call forwarding settings within the agent profile to forward calls directly out of Gorgias. By setting the call forwarding number in your agents' profiles to your secondary phone number, incoming calls will be routed out of Gorgias and into your second provider.

Can I answer/make calls from the Gorgias mobile app/browser?

While you can't answer/make calls from the mobile app or a mobile web browser directly, you can set up call forwarding to ring your mobile device when an incoming call is assigned to you. When picking up the call, you won't be notified that this call has been forwarded from Gorgias and prompted to press 1 to accept the call.

If declined, calls assigned to teams will be routed back into Gorgias to try other agents.

Why am I calling the number from the customer profile instead of the contact number they've provided for shipping?

We match the number with the customer's profile in Shopify, not the shipping section.

What are the advantages of porting versus call forwarding?

Unlike call forwarding, you won't need to retain your existing provider after the porting process has been completed and you'll be able to make outbound calls.

Will I experience any phone downtimes during the porting process?

A short disruption can occur on the day when porting is scheduled while the phone number is being ported into Gorgias. As soon as porting is finished, you shouldn't be experiencing any more issues.

When can I safely delete my account with my old provider once porting has started?

Keep your existing account until porting has been completed as deleting it before that can cause you to lose the number altogether. Once the porting process has been completed, the porting team will let you know it's safe to delete the account with your existing provider.

How does routing work for agents?

It’s based on the agent’s availability - if an agent is available in Gorgias, they'll receive new call notifications. If an agent is set as unavailable, they won’t get a call notification.

Agents can view and change their availability at the bottom left, by clicking on their name.

How does round-robin assignment work for agents?

If round-robin is enabled for Voice tickets and there's a team selected for that Voice integration, the call notification goes to the available agent whose last call ended earlier than any other available agent's. 

In other words, round-robin assignment is ordered by the date-time from the earliest ended call to the most recently ended call.

For example, if Agent A ends a call at 10:00 am, and Agent B ends a call at 11:00 am, then the next call will notify Agent A first, provided Agent A is available in Gorgias. If Agent A doesn’t accept the call, the call automatically notifies the next agent in line in the team.

How do I know which of my colleagues are currently available?

If you check the user list under Settings -> Users & Teams -> Users, you'll see green and grey dots on the users' pictures, depending on their availability.

What's the list of supported countries for forwarding?

You can only forward calls to numbers from these countries: 

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • United States
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • United Kingdom

Can I record my forwarded phone calls?

There's no functionality to start/stop phone recording on the fly when the call is forwarded, but you can enable call recordings for incoming calls in your Voice integration by selecting the Start recording automatically setting.

Can calls ring both in Gorgias UI and my phone number?

No - when forwarding is enabled, all calls will come to the configured phone number instead of the helpdesk UI.

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