Basic chat customization (UI settings)

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In Gorgias, you can access the various chat settings seen below from Settings -> Integrations -> Chat -> The chat you'd like to edit > Appearance

Appearance settings

In Settings > Integration > Chat > Appearance, you can change the following:

  1. Chat title
  2. Introduction text during and after business hours
  3. Avatar
  4. Main color and the conversation color of the chat
  5. Language

Chat title

In this section, you can choose how your chat will show to your customers. The title of the chat will be displayed to customers once they click on the chat widget on your website, in the chats heather.

Introduction text during and after business hours

These messages will also be displayed inside the header of the chat depending on your business hours.

There are two fields available for each occasion:


When it comes to the image which will be displayed under your chat widget, there are two options:

  • Use team members avatar
    In this case, all of profile images for users that are available for chat will be displayed in the chat heather. Also, once the customer starts a conversation, users image who responded to the ticket from Gorgias will be displayed. This images you can update under Settings > Your profile.
  • Use a single image for the whole team
    If you are to choose this option, only one image will be shown under the chat widget. The dot next to the image will show green during and orange outside your business hours.

Main color and the conversation color of the chat

Will impact the color of your chats heather and the conversation bubble.

Multi-language chat feature

In case you have your store available in languages other that English, we have the option to translate our chat widget text accordingly. This feature will allow you to select a language for your chat integration. Setting is located under your Settings > Integration > Chat > Appearance > Language.

List of available languages: English US, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish and German. In case that you need any language that is not on the list, please let us know by sending your request to our support team at

Once you select your desired language from the drop down - introduction text outside and during business hours will be automatically translated in the selected language of the chat. You are definitely free to change the default value in the language of the chat for fields that you can customize. You are, however, unable to customize the language for the email capture text.

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