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AI LibraryUpdated 22 days ago

This feature is available only to Gorgias accounts with only one Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, or WooCommerce store connected and with Help Centers in English. If you want to set up a new Help Center with AI-generated articles, please navigate to this article.

A strong and reliable brand is also built through a well-maintained Help Center. AI Library can help you overcome writer's blockage and save you a significant amount of time with producing new articles. All that you would have to do is review the suggested articles and decide whether you want to publish them or not.

This feature is available on all plans. Suggestions in the AI Library can be viewed by all users but can be managed only by admins and lead agents.

Article drafts will be generated every 3 to 6 months, depending on your ticket volume. Notice about the new drafts will be posted on your Homepage and Help Center statistics. For Automate subscribers, it will also be posted on My Automate page and Performance by feature report. In all of these pages, you'll see Review Articles button that will take you directly to your AI Library tab in Help Center settings.


1. Navigate to Settings → Channels -> Help Center -> AI Library.

2. The page is divided into two sections. On the left, there's a list of article suggestions, each displaying the number of tickets that are related to this question. On the right, you'll see the article preview.

3. You'll see 3 buttons above the article preview: ✏️ (Edit), Archive, and Publish.

4. If you click on the Publish button, the article will be published in the uncategorized section and removed from the AI Library tab.

5. If you click on the Edit button, the side text editor will appear. As with manually created articles, you'll have the option to make changes in the text, and then save it as a draft, or publish it.

6. If you click on the Archive button, a pop-up will ask you for the reason. This will help improve future AI-generated articles. Articles that have been archived won't be resurfaced in the regeneration and AI will avoid recommending topics covered in archived articles.

7. As you publish or archive articles, you'll be taken to the next article suggestion, until you get to the end of the list. 


  • AI can generate article suggestions only if your primary Help Center language is English. Articles will be created in English and if you have a multi-lingual Help Center, you can translate the article into other languages once you publish it in English.
  • Article generation is not available for multi-brand merchants because we can't currently separate tickets by brand.
  • Some of the suggestions may be already covered in your existing articles.
  • When approved, articles will be uncategorized. They need to be manually moved to one of the existing categories, or a new category.
  • AI won't capture tone of voice or formatting preferences
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