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Automate Reporting

Automate Overview

The Automate Overview report displays the value derived from Automate features, particularly in terms of time savings and performance analysis at a high level. Parallel to the Automate Overview report, you can get the granulated results in the Automa

Automate Overview Impact section

This part of the Automate Overview report highlights the efficiency of Gorgias' automated solutions in providing quick and satisfactory responses to customers and displays the return on investment. Considers the number of automated interactions as a

Automate Overview Performance section

This part of the Automate Overview identifies periods when automation increases or decreases and reveals seasonal variation or recurring patterns, thus providing data for planning and adjusting strategies. It won't include data for the past 72 hours

Automate Reports 101

With Automate reports, Automate subscribers get a comprehensive overview of the impact of this product. It encompasses the automation rate, along with benchmark insights, the tally of automated interactions within their chosen timeframe, and a calcul

Automate Performance by feature report

The Automate performance report by feature provides granular data on automated interactions of each Gorgias Automate feature (Flows, Quick Responses, Article Recommendation, and Report Issue) - it also gives you a list of products that combined have