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Audit logs

Audit logs is, in general, a document that records all events in the information technology system. In the sense of customer support, it is a chronological set of records that provides documentary evidence of activities that have been undertaken by s

Managing User Roles

In Gorgias, you can add multiple users to your dashboard and assign them specific roles. User roles will allow the Account Owner to adjust access to some parts of your dashboard and actions that they can take within the dashboard.How it worksHere's h

Your Profile

Each Gorgias user has a section specific to them titled "Your profile". This section is where variables for "Current agent" and "agent" will pull data. These variables are used in macros and in the email signature setup by the admin of the account. T

Gorgias Teams

Once you've added your colleagues as users, you can then add them to relevant teams as well!How it worksMaybe you want your Gorgias Teams to reflect your real-life teams, or you want to check statistics for a specific group of colleagues (1), or you