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Tags 101

Gorgias tags are a great way to sort your tickets and automate your workflow! Ticket tags can tell you at a glance what the ticket is about, who it should be assigned to, which rule was applied, etc..How it worksTags are used to label your tickets, a

Set up tags

If you are an Admin in your Gorgias helpdesk then you are able to access the tags from the Settings menu. With Admin access to tags you can edit, delete, add a description, and merge tags together. To access the tags section go to Settings on the top

Manage tags

By default the tags will sort based on which ones have been used the most. You can change this between ascending and descending by clicking on the column header Tickets. You can also sort by alphabetical order and also switch between ascending and de

Default tags

You'll notice in your new Gorgias account that there are some pre-installed tags there already. Here's a list of default tags that you can expect to have set up for you:

Merge tags

If you have two tags that function as the same label you can select the two tags using their checkboxes to the left of the tag name and then merge them together using the button at the top. After you click on the Merge button, you can click on the Co

Search for tags

To search for some specific tag, you need to click in the top right corner of the page with the tags and type the name of it.

Remove a tag from a ticket

You can manually remove any tag in the ticket by clicking the little "x" icon next to the tag. However, now you can also created a rule which has an action to remove the tag: