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Tags 101

You can use Tags in Gorgias to sort your tickets and automate your workflow as they can tell you at a glance what the ticket is about, who it should be assigned to, which Rule was applied to it, etc. There are three ways to add Tags to a ticket: indi

Default Tags

There are some default Tags present in every Gorgias account for convenience - these are Tags that are usually the industry standard and used by almost every business. Here are the default Gorgias Tags:

Create, edit, or delete Tags

Only Admins and Lead agents can access the Tags menu and create, edit, or delete them - other users can only use existing Tags in tickets. 1. Go to Settings -> Productivity -> Tags. 2. In the top right corner, click on Create Tag. 3. Enter the name o

Merge or sort Tags

You can sort your Tags to look through them in a specific order or merge some Tags together if you have duplicates. By default, Tags will be sorted based on which ones have been used the most. You can change this between ascending and descending by c