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AutorespondersUpdated 4 months ago

Autoresponders identify the intent of inbound email tickets and take action on your behalf either by closing tickets or replying with relevant information and then closing the tickets. 

If the shopper replies, the tickets reopen so your agents can take over.

Check out our articles devoted to the Autoresponders in the Rules section of the Help Center for more detailed information.

Detects and closes tickets that don't require a response from support based on the other/no_reply intent.
Automatically replies to eligible inbound email tickets, by suggesting up to 3 relevant articles from your Help Center, then closes the ticket based on the order/cancel, order/damaged, order/wrong, other/question, subscription/cancel, and discount/request intents.
Detects emails related to order status or tracking, replies with tracking links for the shopper’s last 3 orders, and auto-closes the ticket based on the shipping/status intent.
Detects emails related to return requests, auto-replies with the link to your return portal, and auto-closes the ticket based on the return/request intent.
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