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Report order issue 101Updated a month ago

This feature is only available for accounts with an Automate subscription.

The Report order issue feature is part of Order Management and can be enabled in Chat, Help Center, and Contact Forms.

It allows customers to submit order-related inquiries - when an issue is reported, a ticket including the order details and issue reason is created in your account and the customer's profile is automatically linked to the ticket.

This example shows the same Report Issue button showing different issue options, based on the orders status (Unfulfilled vs. Delivered)

When customers access their order history through Order Management, they'll see the Report issue button next to each order - clicking it displays a list of reasons relevant to each order specifically.

You have full control over the issues displayed and the order they appear in, ensuring the options match your unique store's policies.

The options shown depend on each order's fulfillment, shipment, and financial status ("My order was damaged in transit" will only display on orders with a delivery status of Delivered).

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