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Set up Automate FeaturesUpdated 3 months ago

Automate is designed with a quick setup in mind - most features can be enabled immediately with little or no additional configuration required.

We provide 5 options for Automate setup:

  • Self-setup using the Gorgias Academy course
  • Self-setup using documentation
  • Self-setup using video tutorial
  • Instructor-lead setup with an Automate specialist (Basic and Pro accounts only)
  • CSM-lead setup with your dedicated CSM (Advanced and Enterprise accounts only)


Gorgias Academy course setup

The Set up Gorgias Automate course walks through each feature and how to get set up in under an hour. It also includes examples of how features appear to your customers as well as interactive guides.

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Documentation setup

These Help Center articles include step-by-step instructions for setting up Automate and a summary of each feature, alongside supporting information and templates.


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Video tutorial setup

The Setting up Automate video tutorial walks through each Automate feature and explains how to set up/configure them in under 15 minutes.

You can click the chapters icon to skip between features.

Gorgias specialist setup

Instructor-led calls are for Basic and Pro accounts only - Advanced and Enterprise clients can schedule a set-up call with their dedicated CSM.

We have a team of automation experts available to guide you through setting up Automate in 30 30-minute 1:1 virtual calls. While we do have team members located globally, these calls are on a first-come-first-served basis and availability is limited. 

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Dedicated CSM setup

CSM-lead calls are for Advanced and Enterprise accounts only - Basic and Pro accounts can schedule a set-up call with an automation specialist.

In addition to being e-commerce experts, all of our CSMs are experienced in automation. Your CSM can walk you through how to set up Automate and tailor the configuration of new features to your brand.

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