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Rule Templates

This page includes a few tips on working with rules and a library of rule templates for Gorgias. These are examples of commonly used rules that can be recreated in your account.If you are interested in seeing these in action please join our webinar o

Rule templates (previously Rule library)

We're happy to let you know that we now offer a Rule Library! For your convenience, you can now select premade rules to set up in your account, along with matching views. ūü•≥How it worksRule installation is now simpler and faster as you can access Sett

Return Email Autoresponder

The new Return Email Autoresponder rule template will automate emails with the return/request intent with a return provider integration!. With this feature, you will be able to respond to return-related requests via email if you have a return portal

WISMO Autoresponder - Send tracking information email

One of the most common questions that your customers will be submitting is certainly 'Where is my order?'. You can now tackle it with minimum effort by enabling this auto-reply rule in your Rule Library. This feature comes under the Automation Add-on