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Flows 101Updated 9 days ago

Flows are automated Q&A conversation scenarios that operate accross multiple channels and assist shoppers with personalized guides, answers, and recommendations.

Flows allow you to create custom multi-step paths to answer your shoppers' questions based on their particular preferences.

This feature is only available for Automate subscribers.

Examples of how you can leverage this feature include:

  • Product recommendations
  • Sizing guides
  • Return policies (if you have multiple)
  • Shipping policies (if these change based on location)
  • Warranty claims
  • How-to guides (when products require education)
  • Report order issue scenarios
  • Triage questions before they reach an agent

Flows are available at the store level. You'll have as many flow menus as you have store integrations.

Since our newest update, you can now display different flows per chat. You will be able to create, edit, change, or disable flows for each of your Chat integrations, and for each of your channels.

Channels where Flows can be published

Flows are channel agnostic. You can make the same flow available in Chat, Help Center, and Contact Form.

Below is an example of how these appear:

Here's how a Flow will look like on your Gorgias Help Center page:

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How many steps can a flow have?

Steps are the building blocks of Flows. You can create as many as you see fit.

How many answers can an option step have?

An option can have up to 6 different answers (horizontal steps). If you need more than 6, we recommend having 5 answers and including an 'other' answer, leading to more options below.

How many flows can be created/enabled?

You can create as many Flows as you'd like, but you can only enable up to 6 at any given time per store.

Where can flows be published?

Flows can be published in chat, help center and contact forms.

Apply for the Masterclass

You can apply for the Flows Masterclass here

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