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What is this feature used for?

On Gorgias, you can add multiple Users to your dashboard and assign them specific Roles. User Roles will allow the store owner to restrict access to some parts of your Dashboard and actions that they can take within the dashboard.

Add users to your Gorgias account:

  1. Navigate over to "Settings" and from the left hand navigation panel select "Users"
  1. Click "Add user" in the top right.
  1. Insert your user's information and select their role. Once you have completed this click "Add user". Your new user will now receive an email with a link inviting them to set up their password and login to Gorgias. If you need to edit the user or resend their invitation email go back to step 1 and then click on their name. From here you will be able to make changes and resend the invite.

User Permissions

Important: Feature only available on Pro and higher plans.

There are 5 roles enabling you to precisely control users' permissions:

  • Observer agent: Able to view customers, tickets and send internal notes.
  • Lite agent: Able to modify customers, tickets, and send messages.
  • Basic agent: Able to modify customers, tickets, send messages and perform integrations-related actions.
  • Lead agent (previously Agent): Able to manage customers, tickets, tags, send messages and perform integrations-related actions.
  • Admin: Able to manage everything. (billing info, users, integrations, rules, tickets, customers, etc...)

Here is the complete table of permissions associated with each role:

User Permissions Sheet.pdf

Transfer account ownership to another user

The account owner is established upon account creation, with the email address used to configure the account. A Gorgias account can only have one account owner. You cannot delete the account owner, nor downgrade their role from admin. Note that the default billing address of an account is the account owner's email address.
Only the current account owner can transfer the ownership of a Gorgias account to another user.

  1. Navigate over to "Settings" and from the left-hand navigation panel select "Users".
  2. Click on the user you want to set as the account owner

  1. Click on the "Set as account owner" button, and confirm.
The Account Owner will automatically become an Admin, if not already.

Delete User

In case that you need to delete a User please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Users
  2. Click on the User that you need to delete
  3. Hit the "Delete User" button in the bottom right corner

If you delete a user this action will un-assign this user from all its tickets, open or closed, and delete its statistics. The tickets however will not be deleted, they will just be unassigned.


  1. I am unable to change my user email - the error message states the email is already in use, but there are no users registered under it.
    Make sure the email address you want to use is not already used in integrations or as a customer email address. A single email address cannot be used as a login email of a Gorgias user and a customer email at the same time. If you do locate a customer under that address, please delete their profile and try changing the email on your user profile once more.

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