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Email domain verification 101Updated 3 months ago

Email Domain Verification is crucial for ensuring the security and trustworthiness of digital communication. It plays a vital role in preventing various cyber threats and building confidence among users. 

Here's a breakdown of its importance:

  • Security and Trust - email domain verification is essential to prevent spoofing and phishing attacks, ensuring that the sender's address is legitimate.
  • Credibility and Reputation - the process enhances the credibility of the sender, contributes to a positive reputation, and reduces the risk of being flagged as spam.
  • Compliance with Regulations - not complying with industry standards in terms of Domain Verification will affect the deliverability of emails, regardless of whether they're support or marketing-related.
  • Protection Against Unauthorized Use - verified domains protect against unauthorized use, safeguarding brand identity and preventing malicious activities.
  • Enhanced Deliverability - successful email delivery is ensured by avoiding blacklists and maintaining a positive sender reputation.

In summary, implementing email domain verification is a fundamental step in securing digital communications, fostering trust, and maintaining the reliability of email exchanges.

To comply with the industry standards and ensure the delivery of our merchants' emails, Gorgias uses two Email Service Providers for forwarding email integrations - Sendgrid and Mailgun - and each Gorgias account will be assigned to one of them.

If you joined Gorgias after February 2023, you'll likely be set up with Sendgrid.

Based on your assigned Email Service Provider, the Domain Verification setup will slightly differ, but the outcome will be the same - improved security and deliverability of your sent emails.

The simplest way to know which one to do is to check in your Settings  Channels -> Email -> Email integration you're looking to verify:

  • If your tab in the Email integration is called Outbound Verification and you have a total of 3 values - your account is hosted on Sendgrid and you should follow these instructions.
  • If your tab in the Email integration is called Domain Verification and you have a total of 2 values - your account is hosted on Mailgun and you should follow these instructions.

To proceed with setting up Domain Verification, you'll need to have Admin access to both your Gorgias account and your domain registrar and, if you're having issues with your domain verification, please check out our domain verification FAQs.

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