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Chat contact form

The chat contact form is a way to collect customer inquiries when the shop is offline. Contact form inquiries create tickets that you can reply to via email instead of creating a live chat ticket with little to no information filled from the customer

Chatdesk Teams

Chatdesk Teams helps companies scale up their customer support team on-demand. Chatdesk Teams can help you manage your repetitive tickets and free up your time. You can use your Chatdesk Team to increase response times by up to 70% and drive conversi

Gorgias Chat FAQs

In this article, we will respond to the most frequently asked questions for our chat integration.In case you cannot find the wished answer to your question please reach out to our Support team via the chat widget in the bottom right corner of the pag

Gorgias Chat - Quick Replies

If your customers are asking similar questions over and over again, you can configure chat quick replies.Please just keep in mind that only Admin users can access these settings, as per the user permissions table here.How it worksWhen a customer star

Gorgias Chat - Campaigns

Chat campaigns, sometimes referred to as 'proactive chat', are a great way to engage customers on your website and can help increase conversions as well!Setup instructionsYou can create chat campaigns by going to Settings → Integrations → Chat → The

Advanced chat customization

If you would like to further customize the chat widget, you can follow the instructions below. However, you may first want to check out this guide on how to set up some basic chat customization.This article is meant to serve simply as a reference poi

Basic chat customization

Now that you have successfully installed your Gorgias Chat, here's how to customize it to your liking!Setup instructionsIn Settings → Integrations → Chat → Appearance, you can change the following:Chat titleIntroduction text during and after business

Gorgias Chat - Installation

Using our chat integration is a great way for your customers and leads to connect with your support team in real-time, without the hassle of sending an email and waiting on a reply.Setup instructionsTo add the Gorgias chat widget to your store:Add a